Hei! Olen itseoppinut, valokuvaukseen yli 15 vuotta sitten päätäpahkaa rakastunut sivutoiminen valokuvaaja Helsingistä.

Kamera on kulkenut vuosia mukana kaikkialla ja nyt muutaman vuoden olen saanut taltioida erilaisten ihmisten tarinoita, toivottavasti pian myös sinunkin!


Hello! My name is Tiia and I'm a self-taught photographer from Helsinki, Finland. I have carried my camera around for years now, and it truly is my greatest passion. I have mainly photographed the places I've been to and the details all around me, but have leaped into portrait photography during the last couple of years.

It has been such a pleasure to freeze the people in a small moment they can look back at, bringing back a snippet of their story. I'm looking forward to getting to do that a lot more and also keep on learning along the way. Hopefully also getting to capture one of your chapters along the way!

If you'd like more information in English, please click the button below to contact me and I will answer all your questions!


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